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Essential organizations use Capillary to support distributed training teams.

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Key Features

Build Beautiful and Robust Training Apps

Capillary’s Creator CMS allows non-technical professionals to create engaging and attractive training resources.

Create Courses and Assessments

Capillary’s Instructor tools enable you to distribute courses and test knowledge with assessments to ensure competency and preparedness. 

Utilize Powerful Analytics

Set custom data fields for leveraging analytics about your workforce to better understand your organization and improve your training. 

Reach Your Audience Instantly

Send push notifications to alert your audience of news, updated content, and more.

Produce Engaging Content

Capillary’s Publishing Wizard takes the guesswork out of instructional design and allows anyone to produce gorgeous content.

Enjoy Full Enterprise Support

Capillary not only helps leverage your existing IT investments but provides content, distribution, and technical support.

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Need-to-know information is constantly changing for healthcare professionals, and staffing challenges make taking time away from[1] patient care increasingly difficult. Training often gets overlooked, which can lead to employee burnout, low staff morale, and ultimately poor outcomes.[2] Mobile training lets you build training into your business process so that your team can learn on their schedule. As healthcare facilities

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Why You Should Use Capillary for Your Mobile Training Needs

Mobile training has taken the world by storm. A study in 2016 showed that 47 percent of companies use mobile learning in their training programs, and that number will continue to rise as mobile technology improves. Making the switch over to mobile training is easier than you think. With Capillary, we build your branded mobile app, and

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How Leading Hospitals Are Using Mobile Apps for Training and Better Patient Care

Like training, healthcare is complicated. Patients are scared or unwell, families are worried about their loved ones, and doctors, nurses, and hospital staff are doing their best to ensure their patients are receiving the best treatment available. This complexity is part of why leading hospitals and clinics around the world are adopting mobile technology for

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